Joker Memo
The Super Joker Memo with Bonus and Joker Card(s).

Wellcome to my site. I am Hans-Jürgen who began programming in the early 80’s with Sinclair Spectrum and Sinclair QL. This programme was first created under Windows 95 and under Windows XP it was recreated. I later programmed it anew to be used in Windows 7. It still works well in Windows 10.

First the game was created for my little friends and I gave hundreds of CDs away to my little friends an all those that supported my art (drawing children). Thus they got part in the game und the subject “children” or “portraits”.

The program (in its older version) became part in a publication for school teachers of primary schools. I created a version for schools with more pictures than the freeware version I had published then. Today I give here the full version for free which contains more than 8300 pictures in 36 groups. As there are many from other countries that visit my site I intended to help them use my program. So I explain the steps how to use it. As it is mainly working with icons you can learned using it quite easily by this site. No German is needed.

Enjoy my game

Hans-Jürgen Stoffels, Artist from Cologne, Germnay.

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Kleine Jokermemo Freundin

It is simple to use this game without knowing German. Just try.
Es fácil de usar este juego sin comprender aleman.
U kunt did speel gebruiken zonder duits te kennen.
Vous pouvez utiliser ce jeux sans connaître allemand.

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© Hans-Jürgen Stoffels, Köln.
A program free to use, but it is not allowed to offer it for money. Best resort or link to my site. In this way people may, if willing, support my art and work, as well as the costs, by contribution.


Einige Karten aus dem Spiel.
So sehen die Karten aus.

Karte aus dem Spiel - gezeichnet von Hans-J. Stoffels
Karte aus dem Spiel - gezeichnet von Hans-J. Stoffels
Karte aus dem Spiel - Spielzeug von kleinen Freunden fürs Spiel stolz präsentiert
"Wuff" ... spiel mit mir!
"Hallo ich bin Celines Teddy ... spiel mit mir!"