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Enjoy my free software and if you want to show gratitude you may send a bit via paypal. See link.

Orignally the software was for my little friend only. Others payed about 10.- DM in the 90’s. Since version 18 it is freeware.

This version 20 is the first to be in English. Before there was an English site to help handle the software which works with buttons rather then text menus.

Welcome to Super JokerMemo version 20. The first multilinugal one..

Idea and programming was in July 1998. Later the software was reprogrammed to fit Windows 7. Although it runs in Windows 10 as well it was modernized and enlarged and fitting for international use in October 2017.

The software is freeware to be used free, but without any personal gain. So it is not allowed to be sold or given away for money. If it is wanted to take place on a freeware page other than mine you should ask for permission. Linking to this page is but no problem.

Originally the software was created for my little friends world wide of which many are part in it. I got many photos for my art of drawing children.


My Art site which is in German and English.

Super Joker Memo Freewarespiel

A Joker card from the game.

What is new? You can find alterations and additions on under  Downloads.


Website for help, introduction and download of the Super JokerMemo game, a kind of concentration.
Graphic-Designer, Scientific Artist (Univ. Cologne), Illustrator, Photographer.
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