Drawing Children

Drawing Children

I started the drawing of children as my main goal in art at the end of the 70s up into the 80s, mainly. It is the time when we got our own three children. Julia-Elischeba, Hannah Tabitha, Matthias David.


Professionally it was mainly medical graphics and drawings I did through the years. First for the Neurosurgical Department of the University of Cologne, thereafter in a centralized department called MFK, working with Photoshop, InDesing, Illustrator, Corel Graphics Suite, and by hand. Later I worked in the Center of Anatomy for all the Clinics of the University. In times of working in the Neurosurigical department I was in charge of photography, too, especially in the operation theartes.

Main Subject

Already at the Academy of Art I was told to center on figur art as that is a special form of talent. And, for sure, one tends to the talent he got. The medical art was thrilling, but I was glad for the support by so many by sending me lots of photos for drawing. I take from an amount the ones the inspire me and do not like to draw what is desired to be drawn. People got files to print, or if desired, could obtain the originals for a low price. My art was not meant for business.

That Drawing of the Sleeping Girl

On a vacation in Italy I was confronted with much interest and appreciation. Italy is an old country of culture and art. Still people appreciate such. So I got spontaneously many nice models and the one on the right was drawn using one of my photos. Apart from Italy I got nice mails, appreciation and material from Austria. Although Germany is bigger I got not so much from here, but at times some bad mails with predudice and false ideas. But in Germany my Software for Children was appreciated, though, and got part in a School Project in the 90s to help teachers understand and use the new technology.

Sleeping Girl, Italy

Sleeping Girl
Roseto, Italy

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For more drawings see my site Kinderzeichner, which is but in German only.


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