My Art
Portrait of a Girl

My Art
(more of my art under Exhibition)

In times of the Academy I did studies of the body and began loving not only the body, but also the folds of clothes. I did critical drawings, mainly  pen draing and etching, of our times and religion.

Later, during the 70s and 80s, when having own childen, I began the drawing of children as a main subject in contrast to sickness and death at work. The drawing on the right presents our first grandchild Celine, who got much of my talents and kind. Such as programming interest, drawing talent, and my curly hair.


Celine, our grandchild

Drawings of Children

Above two drawings I did. On the right is our grandchild Celine.
Below one of many graphs I created to teach children in a school. 90 Minutes I was given. Have of the time theoretical and the other half drawing together.


The Dead Boy

Death and sickness may cause a dismal feeling, but I was able to distinguish work from private life quite well. Once I was confronted with a dead boy of 15 years in the intensiv care unit. There were no damages seen on his body and he looked smooth, nicely sleeping with well cared and cut hair. He got a scate board for his 15th birthday and went happily out to use it. A car got him and he died. Amazingly without an outward damage. I did not take this drama along home. But I pondered over this so nice but ubruply ended life. What damatic and sudden end.

On the other hand I had difficulties drawing a dead boy, a scene from better days, for a mourning mother. She understood my feelings, for I did not want to draw him with the knowledge of him being dead in my head. But she begged, so I did. She was very happy and in the end it was of help to her. I do understand that.


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