My Person and Profession
Through the Years

Hans-Jürgen Stoffels
in Cologne, Germany
born 1951 in Düren


Reproduction Photographer in my early years.
Exam in Visual Communications,
Academy of Art, Cologne.
Main Subjects: Illustration, Graphics, Anatomy, Film

Worked for Alfred Wurmser (BBC, ARD (Germany)). From 1977 to 2017 at the University of Cologne.
Photographer and Graphic Artist for the Neurosurgery. Thereafter centralized in MFK (photographers and graphic artists) and in the last years Center for Anatomy, University of Cologne.


In private life I specialized on the Art of Drawing Children. Programmer of Software especially for Children and Education, partly used in schools.


Sinclair Spectrum, Sinclair QL (80s Jahre)
QBasic, Visual Basic 3, 4, 6; 2017

My Work
My Work
Ruecken-hockend-mit-Knochen_300px (2)


Rat with directions and their naming (use in anatomy and medicine). Rat and human brain. Illustrations for a book that is to be used in education of medical students.

Illustrations (often done as private art) used for the university, too.


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